Dienstag, 2. April 2013

Sledding / Schlitten fahren

I was in swiss for few times. And until december last year, I firstly got the chance to play in the snow there.

Yes, I very like snow. But on that day I didn't think that it was so much fun inside.

What do you need actually for playing in the snow?
you need a waterproof clothing like ski jacket, ski pants, ski shoes, scarf, winter cap, snow gloves and sleds/sledges.

You should note that your clothing is really waterproof!
Otherwise it would be really cold and wet immediately. Your hands or feet freeze immediately and totally red and they hurt.

Here the photos we took when we went sledding.

Ich war ein paar Mal in der Schweiz. Aber erst im Dezember letztes Jahr hatte ich die Möglichkeit dort im Schnee zu spielen.

Ja, ich mag Schnee so sehr. An dem Tag hätte ich nie gedacht dass es eine Menge Spaß gemacht hat.

Was brauchst du eigentlich um im Schnee zu spielen?
Du brauchst wasserdichte Kleidung wie Schijacke, Schihose, Schischuhe, Schal, Mütze, wasserdichte Handschuhe und Schlitten.

Du solltest wirklich beachten dass deine Kleidung wasserdicht ist !
Sonst wird es wirklich kalt und sofort nass. Deine Hände oder Füße werden sofort rot und total erfrieren und sie tun weh.

Hier sind ein paar Bilder vom Schlittenfahren.

Dance and Badminton

Dance has helped me discover myself.
For me dancing is not for a round of applause.

Badminton has united me and my (good) friends.
Badminton gives me happiness.

Can sports/hobbies also unite me and you?

Because I don't know how much does it matter in each other's hearts about this short encounter.

They say...
Admiring someone and loving someone has a very small difference.
Just like I learned that...
To like someone and beginning to like someone were different.