Mittwoch, 25. Januar 2012

GIRLS, Bring The BOYS Out

Ini baru namanya memotivasi... Girls, bring the boys out!! yeahh..
lagu2 SNSD makin top az dechh  hehehehe :D
Hidup 2012.. moga2 aq tambah semangat tambah motivasi. ga males lg! haha =)
Choreony juga keren. bisa jadi inspirasi buat aq :p

If you're scared that you haven't even started.
Then don't complain, please!
When you hesitate, all the opportunities will pass by you 
Unfold your heart and come out, please!

Show me your tenacity, shake the earth
So that everyone can see you
History will be written anew
The main character is you – you!


  1. let's dance!!!! MAKE A MOVE!!!!

  2. Let's move our body...together! hahhhahaa
    *dance dance dance*
    miss to dance with you again, pat and the other dance girls :p