Donnerstag, 23. August 2012

Cultural Difference : Facebook Pictures

Today I read my twitter-timeline and found this blog... and you know? he's right...
Here below is his posting in his blog... Check it out =)
I just reblog from him ;)

" Kickabhee: Cultural Difference : Facebook Pictures:

There's this thing about uploading pictures into Facebook, I don't know about you and your country.

Some Indonesians tend to post every picture they have without selecting it. They would simply upload their (or others') pictures whether it's good or bad in Facebook. I, personally, always sometimes get tagged to this random pictures by my friends. I don't think of it of a mean thing they do to me or to embarass me in front of the public (I do that to myself, so they don't need to)

On the other hand, you see the Germans. Probably Due to their perfectionist nature, they tend to select their pictures. And they upload the pictures they look good in. They probably have around 100 pictures on Facebook, while the Indonesians have 1000 or more pictures. This is also a reason I don't post up pictures with my German friends.

For example, an Indonesian person would upload even embarassing photos of themselves like this: "

[to see uploaded photo from him as examples.... just go visit his blog]

MY COMMENT ---> But it is really true to admit ;)

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