Montag, 17. September 2012

Slow but Sure

Getting older doesn't mean you are also getting more mature. 
This sentence describes what I am recently thinking about. 
This sentence describes what I want to write here.

I usually/mostly get the things I want or I wish in my life from my mom.
What I mean here is not always about money or expensive things. It could be in doing things, solving problems, etc.
It's like I've been spoiled all this time although my mom didn't really have that such a purpose at all in raising me. Maybe I just couldn't understand it well.

That's why it feels somehow strange... far from parents that always take care of everything... and now you should do all your ways. 
And the worst case is when you can't get what you want the things be, which leads to dissatisfaction.
And the worst feeling in this world is when you feel incompetent and lack of skill. It is even worse than broken-hearted.

Even.... maybe I often unconsciously obtrude my will on others especially on my (best) friends or my pals or families.
I often say: "I want like this. I don't want do it. Point!"
And I don't know how long they will tolerate it... how long they will still tolerate this spoiled brat like me.

Since I am here alone I have learned so many things about life. 
I learn how to appreciate others
I learn how to succumb or accept defeat.
I learn how to socialize.
But still doesn't get enough to change 'the old me'. 
Sometimes I wish I could turn back the time

Someone told me:
"Life is not about what you couldn't do so far, it's about what you still can do.
So you don't need to restart your life from the beginning. 
Just keep working to be better and better.
Slow but Sure you can do it."